Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Pure Simulation (Chocolate Factory)

The Chocolate Factory is a great simulation that can be used as a fun energising conference team building game, or for deep implications that profoundly show participants the important of innovation in redesign and customer focus.

Indulge yourselves in a chocolate treat: Without innovation none of us would be eating chocolate. Instead we’d be drinking an expensive frothy foam drink hand made by local Mayans. When production of chocolate first started it was a slow, tedious and costly process. Thanks to innovation and creative thinking we now all get to eat chocolate, but what else can we learn from this?

THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY is a fun unique experiential exercise that takes a specialized team development approach to organisational improvement. It simulates the problems of a non-productive company, and addresses the issues of customer dissatisfaction, low staff morale, and failing organizational processes. As a result participants experience how the factory improves its efficiency by up to 200%, which raises morale and delights the customer, putting them rightfully back at the centre of a redesign.

The Chocolate Factory
The Chocolate Factory