Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

CSI-1 ‘Creative Thinking Fundamentals’ with Virtual WKC Digital-Board



Teams gather around an online virtual digital-board and take on the role of detectives to explore what blocks and enables creative thinking (at both the personal  and organization cultural level.) The session is gamified, but it is a non-competitive game – where the team will explore, learn and discover issues using CSI as a memorable theme.

The digital board uses online interactive software. The session flows through 7 stages (instructions) including: an introduction, the suspects and weapons, locations, rescues strategies, action planning and goal setting. The stages are introduced by the facilitator &/OR online instructions and videos.

Independent self-paced teams can buy the program onlineas a single purchase (digital board only) &/or with the options of both Pre and Post-course bundle to ensure the learning is maximized.  (To receive a special generated URL please contact us with your purchase details / proof of purchase, and we will send you a unique ULR to the digital board.

Large scale events, Licencing, and board game templates for scalability are available on request.

Available as:

  • Facilitator / instructional led
  • Independent self-paced teams
  • Individuals using this core game as part of a full self-paced online learning course

Digital logistics: 2-3 hours  / 4-8 per board




There are several delivery options to choose from:

The CSI1 digital program comes with the ‘Who Killed Creativity?’ digital board and online exercises. can be run by an independent leader and /or be complemented with more content from a professional facialitor and other online resources. For more info have a look at the free preview pages below . The digital board is complete with instructions and videos to allow teams to independently self guide through the session.

OPTION 1: Dive deep with an expert professional facilitator

Book an accredited facilitator to walk you / your team(s) through the full program in a virtual workshop setting. This allows for an extended comprehensive debrief, to reach more customized outcomes and develop action plans.

Engage the full CSI suite to cover and end to end solution to helping with creative thinking.

(consider becoming a licenced partner or accredited facilitator)


OPTION 2: Collaborate in independent self-led teams

Purchase the WKC digital-board as an independent team and use the game format to discuss the topic in teams, using the online video & written instructions. Suited to Leaders and teams that want to self-diagnose the current personal, team and organisation culture that might block or allow creative thinking to flourish.



OPTION 3: Explore the concepts as an individual

Individual self-paced learning through walking through the board ideas and concepts independently, and/or combining the experience with learning modules as part of the full bundle self-paced online courses.




For independent purchases and self-lead individuals and teams: https://courses.tirian.com/


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