Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

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LITE: Soft copy (disposable PDF downloads, Trial Beta Version, Instant Downloadable) Game WKC (with basic intro and conclusion)Single person / single use / per game board (1 game board /cards download is good for one table up to 14 pax)Small groups internal leaders & teams, one off session (up to 14 people, per game board)

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Standard STANDARD: Single operator training company OR single internal HR person (group size no limit) Creative thinking Intro, Game WKC, Debrief 1 game board, card set, bag, (PPT downloadable). Single operator training company OR single internal HR person (group size no limit). 

Purchase options:

  • Soft copy is instantly downloadable after purchase
  • Hard copy price including shipping postage (Free Shipping!).
    Allow 2 weeks delivery for the hard copy kits or check with us if it’s urgent. In some cases we may send soft copies PDF whilst you are waiting for the hard copy kits.

– Or –


PRO:Company licensed/ multiple use. Can buy or reprint Game board/cards) via PDFs for multiple use or larger groupscontact us for release date Creative thinking full Introduction, Game WKC, Full debrief action planning & goal setting Includes full licence and 3 game boards / 3 cards kit /1 set of props.
Extra game board & cards ($150 each) / this allows more than one table to participate per session


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