Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

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2014 YPO Creativity Event

2014 YPO Creativity Event

Program Concept

How can creativity provide the competitive edge? To be competitive in today’s world, individuals and organizations must continue to move forward, and must be the first to take initiative in making progress. In order to do this effectively, systems must be put in place that encourage corporate creativity. Creativity can occur in any company on a haphazard basis, and unfortunately in most companies it does happen by accident. But what would happen if creativity could be actively harnessed, directed, and promoted in an organization? Imagine what could be achieved! Successful companies are now those that effectively align internal values and processes to ensure consistent creativity.


  • A highly motivating introduction to the power of the creative mind.
  • After establishing the need for innovation in organizations, the program identifies three essential ‘cogwheels’ for creative development: individual creativity, team creativity & organizational innovation.
    • CSI 1: CSI Who Killed Creativity?
      A DIAGNOSTIC Simulation Game
    • CSI 2: How To Get It Back – 7 Strategies
      for Design Thinking, Ideation, Problem Solving
    • CSI 3: Innovative Team Actions
      A PROFILE for Team Innovation
    • CSI 4: Innovative Organization Applications
      A MODEL for Systematizing innovation
    • CSI 5: The Chocolate Factory
      A PROCESS for Implementation
  • Also included are inspiring video clips which provide ideas and direction for action. The program can finish with some solid business facilitation where groups actualize the creative process.
  • As a result of the program groups walk away with practical solutions and specific process redesigns.