Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?


  • Excess Stress
    Was it ‘X.S. Stress’ in the ‘Boardroom’ with ‘Crushing Coercion’?

    Was it ‘Beau Rock-Racy’ in ‘Finance’ with ‘Noxious Negativity’?

  • Mull-T-Tasker
    Was it ‘Mull T. Tasker’ in the ‘Studio’ with ‘Strangling Stress’?

    Lack of Motivation
    Was it ‘Lack O’motivation’ in ‘Research & Development’ with ‘Lacerating Lethargy’?

  • Bully Boss
    Was it ‘Bull E Boss’ in the ‘Boss’s Office’ with ‘Crushing Coercion’?

    Fear of Failure
    Was it ‘Fear O’failure’ in ‘Research &amp Development’ with ‘Drowning Dread’?

  • Expectations
    Was it ‘High X Pectations’ in the ‘Boardroom’ with ‘Strangling Stress’?

    Was it ‘Homo Geneity’ in ‘Human Resources’ with ‘Bludgeoning Bias’?

  • Prejudice
    Was it ‘Pre Judge Ice’ in the ‘Lecture Room’ with ‘Intractable Intolerance’?

    Was it ‘Neg A Tivity’ in the ‘Studio’ with ‘Drowning Dread’?

Who Killed Creativity?…And How Can We Get It Back?

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CONSULTANCY Discover how to design & deliver the best processes to build a culture of creativity in the organization through discussion with the senior leadership team.
KEYNOTES Be inspired to champion creative thinking for yourself and your organization.
SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS Find out how to use creative thinking effectively for leaders, teams and organizations.
FACILITATION Be part of an interactive group discussion and self-discovery process, to build competence in innovation and creative thinking.
BOOK Gather comprehensive evidence from the clever and often humorous blend of factual and anecdotal information in “Who Killed Creativity?” by Andrew & Gaia Grant (Wiley 2012).
MAGIC MYSTERY Participate in some entertaining magic illusions to discover how easy it is to default to ‘inside the box thinking’, and how this can be explained through the latest neuroscience.
MURDER MYSTERY Become a detective in the hilarious ‘whodunit’ CSI -style team challenge.
CSI BOARD GAME Discuss suspects and rescue strategies with the humorous interactive workshop. (Direct delivery or can be run internally – available as self facilitated instant download.)
SIMULATION Experience a unique perspective on organisation innovation in The Chocolate Factory simulation
SURVEY Check and benchmark your organization’s current creative thinking & innovative state
ONLINE KIT Independently facilitate team solutions with the downloadable CSI game and QuickBITE kit.
FACEBOOK Follow, tag and comment on the creative suspects, weapons and places and contribute to the blog discussions.
ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Access and share in our library of online articles, podcasts, videos and case studies.

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