Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Keynote Talks

Andrew Grant – Keynote Talks

Keynote speaker Andrew Grant
Keynote Show-reel
A summary compilation Of Andrew’s latest TV interviews, endorsements and keynotes. 60 SEC AND 3 MINS versions
Creativity TEDx Hong Kong TEDx Talks Hong Kong
Everyone is talking about the need to "breakthrough" with innovative new ideas, so what is holding us back?
Magic of Creative Thinking The Magic of Creative Thinking live Andrew Grant A compilation of engaging live keynotes from – CIO (India), AMP (Dubai) , Alcatel-Lucent (China) , Optus (Australia) and Singtel (Singapore)Sessions 8 mins
The Pressure Pack (keynote)
The Pressure Pack
Andrew Grant Hear How Pressure Multitasking and Stress can all block creative thinkingWorktech / Marina Bay Sands Singapore Chapter 2 The Pressure Pack / 5 mins
The Fear Family: Triggering the Brain Triggering the Brain’s on/off switch
Andrew Grant What we can learn from neuroscience about how fear changes the way the brain functions.Worktech / Marina Bay Sands Singapore Chapter 2 The Pressure Pack / 5 mins
Andrew Grant: Inventing the Future Inventing the Future
Andrew Grant The new branding paradigm. The power is now with the consumer! Time to be creative.Intercon Hotels Group (IHG) Financial Controllers – Australia.
Andrew Grant: Inventing the Future The Scene: The Power of Disruptive Innovation
Andrew Grant AMP Charter Symposium / Dubai (8 mins)
Creativity Innovation Talk TEDx Hong Kong TEDx Hong Kong Talks on Creativity
CEOs say creativity is the #1 leadership competency needed for the future – and it is a stronger predictor of life success than IQ. Yet CQ (Creative Quotient) testing shows that creative thinking has been on the decline worldwide over the last generation.

Gaia Grant – Keynote Talks

Gaia Promo
Gaia Grant Promo WKC Gaia Grant is the author of several books, including: “Who Killed Creativity?” (Jossey Bass / Wiley)4 mins

Neuroscience of Creativity
Gaia Grant speaking to 500 CEOs on the Neuroscience of Creativity.

Presenting to Optus (Sydney)
Gaia Grant and Magician Phil Cornwell Participate in some entertaining magic illusions to discover how easy it is to default to ‘inside the box thinking’, and how this can be explained through the latest neuroscience.Optus – Australia

The Creative Optimist
Gaia Grant Optimism is a key mindset required for creative thinking. Selection of keynote.Chapter 6 & “From the ashes” video Chapter 9
Gaia Grant the 7 Creative Killer Suspects
The 7 Creative Killer Suspects
Gaia Grant A quick summary of the 7 creative killer suspects. Worktech13 Melbourne5 mins

Carol Fusek – Keynote Talks

Learning to Stretch Your Mind
Carol Fusek Carol Fusek gives a keynote talk to 300 IBM business leaders on creative thinking “The Creative Connection”IBM keynote talk Singapore convention centre


The Crime Who Killed Creativity CSI Part 1.The Crime: Who Killed Creativity? – Andrew Grant (17 mins) Educational Version: Live at the Catholic Educational Officers Tech Conference. Coming soon CSI Part 2. The Scene, & CSI Part 3. The Investigation